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Marie Louise Cosmetics... giving you the skin you deserve.
Regardless of your location, age, race, occupation, clients all over the world have fallen in love with Marie Louise Cosmetics the moment they start to use them. Please see below for some of the stories shared by our clients in the US.

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  • My Makeup Blog: Makeup, Skincare, and Beyond: "To think of it, the Marie Louise Crème α-VC facial moisturizer is fragrance-free and soft...it reminded me of the "mizumizushii" skin status that many Japanese women crave for. In a much earlier post, I wrote about the importance of toners in facial care and mizumizushii was mentioned. To recap, it's a status where your skin is youthful, fresh, and supple. It's like the Asian version of Snow White's skin!" read more»

  • No Ugly Duckling: "I'm so happy I'm now aware of this line (Marie Louise Cosmetics) because upon trying a few of their products, I can now say that I have found another skincare line that is great on and for my skin!" read more»

  • Prime Beauty: "I like the finer things in life-a good cocktail, a good book, a good beach, a good spa day. We women like to be pampered and Marie Louise cosmetics does just that. There really was a Marie Louise, the founder of the company. She was educated at a Parisian beauty academy and later went on to be a fashion and beauty consultant for Japanese royalty. Here innovative formulas-introducing the technology of emulsification, to combine both oil and water into one product, earned her the moniker "The Mother of Modern Beauty," nearly 100 years ago. The company has continued to use the newest technology to create quality skin care for women around the world." read more»

  • Trying to Stay Calm: "The cleansers are gentle for my skin and feel great. The moisturizer has been making my skin nice and soft. I like that a little goes a long way. The packaging they come in is beautiful. I love the ingredients in the products they sent me. I was happy to see they also have vitamins in them. Marie Louise skin care products are developed to contain only the safest, most essential ingredients, stringently selected for healthy skin." read more»

  • Momma Told Me: "Building upon its founder, and namesakes, principals, Marie Louise strives to consistently push the industry forward with new breakthroughs in both cosmetics and skincare. With a comprehensive line featuring Deep sea Water and rich vitamins, you'll find skincare products that enrich the natural health and beauty of your skin. Their commitment to innovation means an ever evolving and improving formula base, as well as current serums, creams, and treatments." read more»

  • Beda's Beauty Blog: "I had to take advantage of the sale MARIE LOUISE COSMETICS was having on Thanksgiving weekend, yes! I bought the Nanotech Anti-Aging Set, because I wanted a jar of the Crème α-VC moisturizer (fell in love with it after trying the travel size version) and it included their serum, which was the only product I hadn't tried to date." read more»

  • Beauty Info Zone: “I apply this Vital Nanoemulsion α-VC as the very first product of the morning after cleansing and toning. This lovely non-fragranced *yea* serum is lightweight and sinks in beautifully leaving no greasy or silicone feeling to my skin. This is particularly good for mature skin like mine since it protects from free radicals and helps with tightening skin and rehydrating it.” read more»

  • Audrey Dao: “Marie Louise’s Washing Foam is a liquid cleanser that turns to a creamy, whipped foam when you pump it out. I love that it’s not a watery foam, because it won’t run down your arm or drip through your fingers. Less of a mess, the better. Did you know that the foam is created by the specially designed pump and not by a chemical reaction? Most foam washes foam because they contain sulfate and this what dries out your skin.” read more»

  • Audrey Dao: “Enter Marie Louise’s Crème α-VC to save the day! The Crème α-VC is a rich facial moisturizer that will leave your face feeling moisturized and so soft without the heavy, greasy feeling that usually accompanies rich facial moisturizers. Do you know what that means? It means all skin types can use the Crème α-VC!” read more»

  • Beda's Beauty Blog: “The Moistraiser α-VC has to be hands down the best toner ever. To say that I'm completely amazed by this product wouldn't make justice to it. This is not your typical liquid toner. It's a bit more dense, a touch more viscous if you will, and I feel like I'm applying a combination of toner/serum.” read more»

  • Shop with Me Mama: “Marie Louise skin care products are developed to contain only the safest, most essential ingredients, stringently selected for healthy skin. As I get older, and my skin ages more and more, I am starting to look more at my skin care products and makeup. I now look more at the ingredients, efficiency and real results from real people.” read more»

  • My Makeup Blog: Makeup, Skincare, and Beyond: “Marie Louise Moistraiser alpha-VC is not the little girl's version of a toner. It is for grown-ups with moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid (in the form of sodium acetylated hyaluronate.) It also contains squalane, which is also a moisturizer. On top of that, it contains alpha arbutin and vitamin C to brighten your skin. The cherry on the cake is the lack of parabens as preservatives.” read more»

  • AudreyShops: “It’s Marie Louise’s nano-sized ingredients that allows them to seal in triple-layered capsules of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A in the center again. As each layer sheds incrementally in different layers of the skin, the nutrients are quickly absorbed deep into the tissue where they restore and revitalize skin.” read more»

  • One Girl’s Passion for Makeup: “I bet rarely you bump into a toner which is super moisturizing and still removes excess sebum? Moistraiser α-VC mixes hydrolyzed yeast and desalted deep sea water to remove excess sebum and makeup while moisturizing your face to keep your skin glowing in a natural way.” read more»

  • Audrey Dao: “After using the Moistraiser α-VC for nearly a month, I noticed my skin was less blotchy and more even-toned. It helped fade/lighten some discoloration and made my complexion appear more clearer.” read more»

  • The Knack: “Marie Louise Cosmetics give you the skin of a Hollywood star without any of the cost, pain, injections, trouble, etc. I know because I not only saw an immediate improvement, but people noticed too.” read more»

  • AudreyShops: “All Marie Louise products’ nanotechnology and emulsification make their products reliably good. But what really sells me on it is the feel of the Cleansing Clear Gel. Squeeze a quarter size dollop on your hand and it looks like a clear gel.” read more»

  • One Girl’s Passion for Makeup: “I do like this cleanser though. You only need one pump of this stuff to wash your entire face and then you will be able to feel squeaky clean. It literally made my face squeak when I used this cleanser.” read more»

  • AudreyShops:“I personally love the ever-so-slightly viscous yet not at all sticky feel of the Moistraiser. (That’s the emulsified nanotechnology I’m feeling — it’s penetrating power doesn’t leave a residue on the skin.)” read more»

  • One Girl’s Passion for Makeup: “I overall really love this product. Whenever I have super heavy makeup on, I used this and it gets rid of all of your makeup less than 5 minutes. It reminds me a lot of a thick gel cleansing oil because when you rub it into your skin, it thins out into a cleansing oil like MAC’s or NARS’ cleansing oils’ consistencies.” read more »

  • MyBeautyBunny: “I recently tried Cleansing Clear Gel, a cruelty-free, oil-based cleanser by Marie Louise Cosmetics. This product is so different from other cleansers I’ve used because you actually apply it to dry skin!” read more »

  • Audrey Dao: “I love Marie Louise Clear Cleansing Gel! It does everything you want a cleanser to do. It removes makeup (even mascara!). It cleanses. It doesn’t leave back a residue. It leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. It doesn’t dry out your skin.” read more »

  • Product Pasha: "I must confess that until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Marie Louise Cosmetics. So when the opportunity to test drive their Cleansing Clear Gel ($57) came up, I was a bit skeptical." read more »

  • Beda's Beauty Blog: "I hope you find this review helpful. I really tried not to sound like an uber excited teenager. Not too many skin care products impress me to be honest." read more »

  • Skimbaco Lifestyle: "If you're like me, the last thing you want to do after a long day is spend more than twenty minutes in the bathroom removing make-up before you hit the hay. Lucky for you and me, Marie Louise cosmetics makes a cleansing gel that not only removes make-up the first time, but also leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated." read more »

  • AudreyShops: “It’s safe to say that over at Audrey Magazine, we get a lot of pretty cool products, sometimes months before they hit the shelves. Over the course of the eight years we’ve been publishing, I’ve seen plenty of beauty products and never have enough shelves in my bathroom to fit them all. Some products get prime shelving, right above or around the sink with constant attention. Marie Louise Cosmetics is one of those brands and the brand’s washing foam is something special.” Read more>>

  • LA Buzz Blog: (They loved us so much from Pamper Me Fabulous that they decided to do a personal review of our products) "I first discovered Marie Louise Cosmetics at the Pamper Me Fabulous event in March. I sampled some of their products there, and when I saw my dead skin cells just rolling off before my eyes, I was hooked." read more »

  • LA Buzz Blog: “Marie Louise skincare shone among the sea of organic, natural concoctions with nanotechnology. They blinded me so with science that they’re getting a post all their own, so look out for nanotechnical cell-speak to hit the LA Buzz Blog soon!" read more »

  • Audrey Magazine Blog: Marie Louise is the "Estee Lauder of Japan." read more »

  • My Makeup Blog: Makeup, Skincare, and Beyond: Restoration Clear Gel is “a novel product to me since it does not use mechanical (tiny exfoliating beads) or chemical (AHAs or BHA) exfoliators. The whole process was interesting! The first time I used it, the dead skin cells came out in tiny balls.” read more »

  • A Girl's Gotta Spa: “Once I rinsed off my face it seriously was smooth as a baby’s behind. Wow. I applied my usual toner and a hydrating moisturizer and my skin looked and felt awesome.” read more »

  • One Girl's Passion for Makeup: “You can actually see the dead skin cells in the little grains that rub off from the gel and they are very dark and dirty looking. I like the way it exfoliates without the little beads which kind of irritate my skin so this product (Restoration Clear Gel) will be on my Holy Grail list.” read more »

  • Beda's Beauty Blog: “The first thing I noticed about the product (Restoration Clear Gel) was, of course, that it comes with a pump. That's a plus for me.” read more »

  • Makeover Momma: “You know all of those fancy dermatologist and spa treatments which exfoliate the skin, wipe away dead skin cells and leave you looking refreshed and renewed? We’ve found it in a bottle!” read more »

  • Audrey Dao: “I really, really, really like this exfoliating gel. In fact, I want to say one of my favorite exfoliants. There are no microbeads or little grains to irritate and scratch your skin or get into your eyes (painful and a pain to get out!).” read more »  Check out her Before and After pictures here.

  • Melinda Mae: “Marie Louise Cosmetics are made in Japan and use gentle ingredients to moisturize and cleanse your face.  The products that I especially love are the Moistraiser α-VC and the Restoration Clear Gel.” read more »

  • MyBeautyBunny: “When Marie Louise Cosmetics sent me their Restoration Clear Gel (Exfoliating Gel) to test, I thought it would probably give me similar results as the products I’ve already tried. But this product went way beyond my expectations, in fact, this one will go down as THE BEST exfoliant I have ever tried.” read more »

  • ShopEatSleep Blogger: “I’m always kind of weary of trying new beauty products because I have oily and sensitive skin, which makes it hard to find skin care that works well for me. So when Marie Louise…” read more »

  • Outblush.com: “Cosmetician Marie Louise has been hailed in Japan as the "Mother of Modern Beauty" for nearly 100 years. Then we tried Cleansing Clear Gel. Uh—we still thought the title was extreme—but that doesn't mean we weren't totally in love with this ultra hydrating face wash.” read more »

  • The Luxe Mix: “When it comes to skin care and beauty products, I think it’s best to change it up now and then. I have a self-made theory (who knows, maybe it’s scientifically legit) that after using a beauty product, especially face cream, for long periods of time your skin starts to…” read more »

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Makeup Alley Reviewers Adore Various Marie Louise Products:
    • Restoration Clear Gel
    • Cleansing Clear Gel
    • Crème α-VC

Customer Reviews 

"Overall, the Marie Louise line is very pure and clean - no frills, perhaps just good clean stuff that does the job well. Everything I used seemed practically odorless. While sometimes I like the fresh scents of other Asian skin care lines it does concern me whether all the fancy scents and aromas might not be as healthy for the skin. I'd definitely use Marie Louise again - hopefully they start retailing this stuff somewhere I can grab it from, although ordering online might work too since they have a full e-commerce website."

Jenni Quoc, 32, Consumer/ IT Industry (San Jose, CA)
Jenni is also the founder and beauty blogger of the popular www.luxemix.com.
Please click here to see her complete review.

Restoration Clear Gel Cleansing Clear Gel Moistraiser a-VC

"I've always paid a lot of attention to my skin, especially since my mom always told me to never skimp when it comes to taking care of my face. I've been using the same routine for at least the last 13 years, and I never ventured far from my routine because it seemed to keep me from ever having to go through a true breakout or teenage acne skin. But it seems as I approach the big 3-0, the texture and quality of my skin has started to change and I seem to require even more moisturizing than I did before. After trying the Marie Louise Cosmetics skin care line, I've found a new routine! My absolute favorite product is the Restoration Clear Gel. When I first squeezed it out of the tube, I thought... how is this going to exfoliate dead skin cells without the typical granules/beads you find in every other exfoliation treatment? Less than 10 seconds later, I was a believer. Dead skin cells were flaking off like eraser bits and it didn't irritate my skin AT ALL. I didn't even have the slightest pink tinge to my skin from the fast acting exfoliation. I've never used a product like this where you ACTUALLY feel the dead skin cells coming off onto your finger tips! It was absolutely amazing and now, all the other exfoliators I have under my bathroom sink feel like fakes.

I also really enjoyed the rest of the line of products very, very much. Everything feels very pure, safe and effective. Because my skin was starting to feel drier, I was beginning to see really fine lines in the drier areas of my face, especially my cheeks. However, after using the Cleansing Clear Gel and the Moistraiser a-VC for a week, my skin has started to look dewy, without the oiliness again! I am a total believer in that being able to maintain the youthfulness of your skin is priceless because that's the first thing that always ages a person. I really wasn't expecting this line to be so effective because everything just seemed too "simple" and "pure"... but now I know that everything else that's out there just has too much of who knows what."

Cherie Parlette, 29, Homemaker (Laurel, MD)

Milk Cleansing Skin Lotion S Moisture Cream Moisture Pack Revive Cream

"I started your line just last week and so far I am loving it. I especially like Milk Cleansing, Skin Lotion S, and Moisture Cream. I have a mature skin which loves to be hydrated. The Moisture Pack has to be by far one of my favorites. I'm not much for masks on a personal basis but this one I love. It truly does give my skin a boost when it comes to allowing the skin to hold onto the moisture. Allantoin is one of my favorite ingredients, the one I call the smart ingredient due to its ability to go directly to those areas which are always extremely dry, then holds the moisture for healing and soothing (such as, around the eyes, sides of the face, lips and neck). The Revive Cream is great, what a smooth clean feel and my moisturizer absorbs right in leaving my skin feeling like silk. I must say the fragrance is gentle, clean and very pleasant. Great ingredients list."

Carolyn Pfleger, 58, Esthetician of 12 Years (Bath, PA)

Cleansing Clear Gel Moistraiser a-VC Creme a-VC Restoration Clear Gel

"Marie Louise Cosmetics are the best skin care that I've tried so far recently and works out very well for my skin. It brings my youthful skin back and I'm satisfied with its products. If I have to pick one among them all, I like the Cleansing Clear Gel the most since it wipes away all dirt and makeup; I can feel the smoothness in my skin afterwards. I have 100% confidence that it will protect my skin from wrinkles because it's oil based and doesn't make my skin dry at all. I love it. The Moistraiser a-VC leaves skin feeling smooth, and at the same time, it tightens skin but leaves the skin moist. Creme a-VC was a little bit oily for me but I use a smaller amount during the day, but more at night to nourish my skin and it's perfect. This moisturizer also helps to apply make on easier. Lastly, the Restoration Clear Gel works amazingly. It takes away all the dead skin especially from nose. I have a line and it usually appears when I smile or laugh. This product takes away dead skin cells so well, I feel like the line has diminished. I can't wait to introduce this line to my friends and family!"

Phyo Su, 24, Consumer (Westchester, CA)

Massage Oil Cool Pack Revive Cream Restoration Clear Gel Washing Foam Milk Cleansing Cleansing Cream Cleansing Oil
Cleansing Clear Gel Moistraiser a-VC Crème a-VC Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC Skin Lotion S Clay Pack Moisture Gel Moisture Cream

"Bear with me I have quite a bit to say since I loved the entire line! One of the most important parts of a facial is the massage oil; the Marie Louise Massage Oil gave a lot of slip, it was light weight and very easy to remove. There is nothing worse than feeling greasy after a facial and this is also an important point for oily skin clients. The best part is that you also do not need to use a lot of the product, which is very cost effective. The Marie Louise Cool Pack was also very nice when I applied the mask after a glycolic peel. I did this on purpose just to see if it would irritate my skin and it did not. So any professionals that want a nice calming mask for their resurfacing facials or a nice mask for sensitive skin this is it.

Since I have oily and thick skin, Revive Cream was a great product for my skin. It was not harsh but when I used it twice or three times a week it smoothed out my skin. It also gave my skin a clear bright look and my pours appeared refined. When using this product, less moisturizers were needed and my make-up applied on much smoother. Restoration Clear Gel is best for a less oily skin person and when used up to 3 times a week, it left the skin smooth, bright, and even toned. The skin also skin felt stimulated and make-up was applied on with a smoother feel.

Washing Foam is great as an every-day cleanser that never irritates the skin; great for young teens just starting to take care of their skin; rinses clean but does not leave skin tight or dry. For more mature skin of all skin types, Milk Cleansing is great and it rinses off clean, leaving the skin soft and supple. The use of Cleansing Cream on a dryer skin leaves skin feeling clean but soft even before the moisturizer is applied; cleanses but does not strip skin of any moisture. One of the best products was Cleansing Oil; I like the idea of oil being used to attract dirt make-up and oily grime. This works on all types of skin and when used, the skin feels and is really cleansed without the use of any harsh products. This product will clean even the thickest make-up off the skin easily. Cleansing Clear Gel is great for someone who likes cleansing with a gel as opposed to a foam. Leaves the skin feeling soft and rinses off clean. Great for removing make-up and great for after sports.

Moistraiser a-VC's very active ingredients help protect and heal the skin at the same time. Great for use when applied under a sunscreen. Vitamin Cs are known to help sunscreens work better, and this product leaves skin feeling soft. Creme a-VC is very healing and improves overall skin tone and texture of skin; when applied the skin can FEEL the hydration and as a result, makeup is applied on smoother. Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC's very active ingredients work well together with tightening and hydrating skin with elasticity that has been damaged through sun or environmental exposure; great for more mature skin as a protection from free radicals.

Skin Lotion S's light weight toner is non-irritating and leaves skin feeling hydrated; even good for oily skin. Clay Pack left my skin feeling smooth and clean and is perfect to apply after doing extractions because it drew out all the impurities and tightened up pores. Moisture Gel is a great light moisturizer that doesn't create that excessive oily-feel for the skin. Not a lot of product is needed to have sufficient hydration and will not leave your skin feeling heavy or oily after you apply makeup. Moisture Cream is more suitable for those with dry or mature skin. I only used a little bit and yet it seems like it draws moisture from the air, leaving my skin feeling soft all day and protected from harsh radicals in the environment."

Linda Crocetto, Cosmetology Instructor & Esthetician of 20+ Years (Newfield, NJ)

Cleansing Clear Gel Restoration Clear Gel

"I always wanted to like cleansing gels but they were always too greasy for my acne-prone skin. A friend introduced me to the Marie Louise Cosmetics line and I love it! The Cleansing Clear Gel is more of a thick gel consistency rather than oily, and removes all traces of make-up without leaving that oily residue. It even takes off my mascara! I follow up with the washing foam and voila: clean and clear skin. Just like many others, I struggle with acne-prone skin and have been on anything from Ram, Taz, Differin.... I recently switched my beauty routine after discovering this line. I have tried many lines (Exflikate, Dermadoctor) but felt it didn't give me the exfoliation I was looking for. The Restoration Clear Gel is perfect; I see the dead skin rolling off my face, unclogging my pores. It is a bit pricey but no more than most products out there. I will definitely repurchase.

Sophie Gharbi, 33, Consumer/ Event Planner (Los Angeles, CA)

Cleansing Clear Gel Restoration Clear Gel Moistraiser a-VC

"I wanted to let you know that so far, I am most impressed with my samples of the Cleansing Clear Gel, Restoration Clear Gel, and especially the Moistraiser a-VC. It's really fantastic to use and its consistency is perfect. I love the combo usage of it being a toner, whitener, and moisturizer all in one product. I find that I have no need to layer more products on my skin. My skin is responding very well to it and that is why I have gone online and purchased a full size product of it since I was almost out of it and I wanted more!! It truly is a very lovely product and it's incredible how little you need to use for the whole face and the neck area. Absolutely wonderful. Lastly, it has no fragrance. That aspect is very much appreciated, as this is the case all of your products."

Anne, 23-35 age group, Consumer (Winnetka, CA)

Cleansing Clear Gel Restoration Clear Gel Creme a-VC

"When I first used Cleansing Clear Gel it felt just a bit too oily for me and I was not particularly fond of the consistency; however it rinsed off pretty good and did not feel oily. I like Restoration Clear Gel in the sense it felt like it was really exfoliating without being harsh or abrasive. My skin felt nice and smooth and seemed to do a great job on the exfoliation. I like Creme a-VC too, it seemed to go on smooth and soaked into my skin without leaving any residue."

Becky Moline, 55, Licensed Esthetician (Spokane, WA)

Cleansing Clear Gel Creme a-VC Restoration Clear Gel

"The idea behind Cleansing Clear Gel is similar to the deep cleansing oils that have become so popular. It does an excellent job of removing makeup without stripping the skin of moisture. And since it's a gel, it's not as messy as oil.

The Creme a-VC is one of the most expensive creams I have ever used. But it's worth it b/c it can double as a cream moisturizer and a moisturizing face mask! I'm willing to pay almost any price as long as the product is effective. It does a great job of moisturizing my skin when it's extremely dry but w/o leaving a face full of grease as other creams tend to do on my combo dry yet oily skin. It's a chalk full of goodies and it hasn't broken me out. Thumbs up!

Lastly, the Restoration Clear Gel by far my favorite product in the Marie Louise line. It's a non-abrasive exfoliating gel which is 100% effective in getting rid of dead skin cells. I use Retin-A Micro and my skin is constantly flaking. Using a washcloth can be too harsh on my skin sometimes and it will still leave some flakies. But this gel gets rid of all my flakies w/o causing my skin to be red or sensitive. And you can definitely feel your dead skin cells coming loose under your fingers. The products in this skin care line are all very high quality. If I had to forego everything else, I would still fork over the money for the exfoliating gel!"

Charlene Leung, 29, Consumer/ Finance Field (Los Angeles, CA)

Moistraiser a-VC Restoration Clear Gel Cleansing Clear Gel Washing Foam

"What I loved most about Marie Louise Cosmetics is that it not only solved my ultra dry and sensitive skin problems but also left my skin feeling healthier, clean, and vibrant. The fragrances with most skin care products tend to irritate my skin, but I loved the fresh, natural, scent of Marie Louise products. Moistraiser a-VC is my favorite product and this is a toner that gave my skin a soft glow. My dry skin felt smooth. Restoration Clear Gel made my skin feel fresh and I love the smooth feel of this. Cleansing Clear Gel effectively removed all of my make-up and felt so refreshing. I love the creaminess of Washing Foam and this is a wonderful cleanser that works well with my sensitive skin, leaving my skin feel fresh and smooth."

Spring Thibeaudeu, 34, Consumer/ Homemaker of 5 children (Phoenix, AZ)

Milk Cleansing Washing Foam Moistraiser a-VC Restoration Clear Gel

"I have to say I am pretty satisfied with the products! I am trying the products myself, and I think it is a great choice for my skin type. My skin gets very dry if I don't use the right products and Cleansing Milk [professional line] is perfect for me. I think my clients will probably love the Washing Foam because most have combination/oily skin types. Recently my skin is very dry so the Moistraiser a-VC toner is better for me at this time; after applying, my skin doesn't feel dry or tight even when I do not put on an additional moisturizer immediately afterward! The moisturizers are very hydrating and I don't feel oily at all towards the end of the day it absorbs very well and I don't feel greasy or sticky. Lastly, I like the Restoration Clear Gel immensely because I personally don't like scrubs [usually the classic exfoliator]. I think scrubs do more damage to the skin than helping to get rid of dead skin cells. With Restoration Clear Gel, I don't feel like I am tearing my skin and it helps to get rid of the dead skin GENTLY. As a result, my skin looks fresh and revived!"

Yvonne Chan, Medical Esthetician (Brookeline, Massachusetts)

Cleansing Clear Gel Washing Foam Moistraiser a-VC Restoration Clear Gel Cleansing Oil Milk Cleansing Cool Pack Moisture Gel Creme a-VC

"Marie Louise Cosmetics worked beautifully and the products were very fun to use! The Cleansing Clear Gel has a wonderful smooth texture and easily liquefies on the skin. It rinses clean with water and left my skin soft and hydrated. Although there was no filmy feeling on my skin, it felt like it had left a protective barrier and felt moisturized. I love how the Washing Foam has a wonderful light texture that feels magnificent massaged onto the skin. It rinsed off completely with water and didn't leave my skin feeling dry. The Moistraiser a-VC feels refreshing and leaves my skin moisturized and protected, even though it is only a toner. Restoration Clear Gel is a really fun product to use. It has a unique feeling to it and left my skin very soft, but not irritated or red. Cleansing Oil easily removed my makeup and rinsed cleanly with no residue. It smells great, too! The Milk Cleansing worked very well and gently on my skin, which can get quite sensitive and reactive. The Cool Pack felt nice and refreshing, helping to calm redness. The Moisture Gel kept my skin hydrated for hours. My skin was very soft and had a finer texture after using it. The Creme a-VC is my favorite moisturizer. It left my skin with a noticeably finer texture. The fine lines around my eyes were plumped and less visible. My skin looked radiant, calm, and clear after using this."

Emily Jolly, Licensed Esthetician (Urbandale, IA)

Cleansing Clear Gel Moistraiser a-VC Creme a-VC

"Marie Louise's product goes on skin gently and yet delivers what they claim to do for your skin. From all the samples I used, Cleansing Clear Gel, Moistraiser a-VC, and Creme a-VC stood out the most for me. I usually wear a full face of makeup everyday (personal habit :-P), so at the end of the day I need something to be able to rid every trace of makeup on my face. I also don't want something too abrasive. Marie Louise's Cleansing Clear Gel is a great product to wash your face. It goes on very light and yet it takes almost all my makeup off. I then follow up with Moistraiser a-VC as my toner. I like to use toner as a final step to rid all the makeup. Moistraiser a-VC is very different from other toners I've tried. It's actually quite moisturizing. It makes my skin soft and supple. I think I could even use it as a moisturizer in the hot summer days, when I need something lighter. When I need a little more moisturization, I'll then use their Creme a-VC, which is a great moisturizer. It goes on smooth and I really feel it's locking in all the moisture. I think it may even brighten my skin a bit. Marie Louise's products have no fragrance, which I prefer, because that lowers the chances of irritating my skin. I'll suggest anyone who's looking for simple, classic skincare products to try this line."

Katherine Kawaye, 32, Consumer/ Office Administration (San Jose, CA)

Massage Oil Cleansing Clear Gel Moistraiser a-VC Creme a-VC

"The Massage Oil was wonderful. I felt that they provided just the right amount of fragrance without being overpowering in a closed environment like massage. Surprisingly the oils were moisture rich and provided a great amount of maneuverability without being too runny/messy.  The skin care products were also a delight to use. The cleansers were sensitive to my skin and helped remove unwanted dirt and makeup as well. My skin was very smooth and soft after using the Cleansing Clear Gel. The Moistraiser a-VC and Crème helped to hydrate and bring a certain glow back to my dull skin. I unfortunately also suffer from Rosacea. Both products helped take the heat off my face for a little while and bring my over rosy complexion back to a more normal color. 

Overall, the products were delightful and well worth the time and effort spent in applying them. I generally find that I have too much going on in my day to spend on a beauty regimen. However the Marie Louise Cosmetics were effortless and easy to use."

Katherine Jerika Hartsock, 24, Massage Therapist of Three Years (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Cleansing Clear Gel Restoration Clear Gel Creme a-VC Moistraiser a-VC

"After having my daughter last year, I have been in search of an easy, but effective skin care regimen. It seems that pregnancy has truly changed my skin and I find it hard to locate products that leave my skin feeling clean and moisturized without drying it out. Prior to using the Marie Louise Cleansing Clear Gel, my skin would feel dry and rough after washing my face. The Cleansing Clear Gel is a savior! I am surprised at how soft and clean my skin feels after using it. I also love that it is a make-up remover. I do not wear a lot of make-up, but this cleanser easily removes my mascara and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. I finally feel like I have found a product that will work with my skin. I couldn't understand why my skin was not responding to the products I was using.  I had to find something that would help me with the changes that came with pregnancy. I do not need to search anymore. I have found it!

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about trying something other than a cleanser and moisturizer, but WOW, the Restoration Clear Gel is a must have!  When I rubbed this product onto my face, I was surprised that I could actually feel the dead skin coming off.  Since my baby, no matter how much scrubbing I did, my skin still remained rough, dry and flaky. I was convinced that this would return within a few days of using the Restoration Clear Gel, but it didn't. After using the Restoration Clear Gel, I no longer have patches of flaky skin on my face. I am thrilled that I only need to use this 1-2 times per week to keep those flakes away. I am definitely going to make this a part of my skin care regimen.

The Crèmeis a light moisturizer that leaves your face feeling moist, but not oily. I have tried a variety of moisturizers, and am always left feeling disappointed. Crèmeleaves my skin feeling moisturized without feeling heavy on my face. I used this in conjunction with the Marie Louise skin care regimen for a week and my skin has never felt better. Pregnancy brought a lot of changes to my skin and this product has smoothed out my skin and left it feeling hydrated again. I also love the Moistraiser a-VC because it is extremely light and your skin immediately feels moisturized, but also clean. I have never seen a moisturizer like this!"

Amy Floyd, 30, Teacher (Columbia, MD)

Moistraiser a-VC Creme a-VC Restoration Clear Gel

"I've been using skincare products since my early teens, I have tried different products from various countries...mainly from US, Japan and Europe.  I got the opportunity to sample Marie Louise's product a couple days following a day out in the sun.  My face started to peel since I didn't reapply enough sun screen. I started the face rescuing process with the Moistraiser a-VC toner (no alcohol, odorless) and the Crème (not greasy and very hydrating) to re-hydrate.  A few days later, I used the Restoration Clear Gel to remove the dead skin cells.  It's the first time I've ever tried a gel type exfoliant.  I thought I had used the wrong product b/c there was no little particles to do the exfoliating but as I tried to rub it off, I started to feel these residues rolling off my face.  Few minutes later, my skin feels softer and smoother than ever!!  The gel is odorless, and super smooth.  It's an exfoliant without the scrubbing!  Amazing product!  I can't wait to finish using what I've got and get this product ASAP!"

Kelly Wang, 27, Purchasing (Los Angeles, CA)