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Restoration Clear Gel (Exfoliating Gel) - 100ml
$51.00 (plus tax)
Gently exfoliate excess dead skin so that your skin can restore its natural beauty.
Restoration Clear Gel
Our hydrating exfoliating gel is our star product that is designed to gently whisk away dead skin cells to help promote skin regeneration. The smooth, finely textured gel absorbs and carries away dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells to leave skin flawless and pure. Promote skin regeneration like never-before and witness a whole new you with radiant, silky skin.
Demonstration of Restoration Clear Gel
Reviews of Restoration Clear Gel (Exfoliating Gel)

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Shop with Me Mama  Total Beauty Audrey Dao  Beda's Beauty Blog A Girl's Gotta Spa One Girl's Passion for Makeup's Makeover Momma 
  • Shop with Me Mama: “When you put the Restoration Clear Gel onto your face and rub it gently, it will ball up and take all the dead skin off or your face leaving nothing but new, soft skin in its place. It is so easy to do, and yes, it works. This is a product every woman needs, especially during the hot Summer months, when your face is always sweaty and gross feeling. At night, just use this and it instantly gives you a beautiful glow, because you are also massaging your face too!”read more>>

  • The Knack: “Exfoliating your skin is as important as anything else you do - it gets rid of old, dry, dead skin and regenerates it with new cells. And as you might of guessed by now, Marie Louise's Restoration Clear Gel (Exfoliating Gel) is stellar.” read more »

  • LA Buzz Blog: (They loved us so much from Pamper Me Fabulous that they decided to do a personal review of our products) "I first discovered Marie Louise Cosmetics at the Pamper Me Fabulous event in March. I sampled some of their products there, and when I saw my dead skin cells just rolling off before my eyes, I was hooked." read more »

  • My Makeup Blog: Makeup, Skincare, and Beyond: Restoration Clear Gel is “a novel product to me since it does not use mechanical (tiny exfoliating beads) or chemical (AHAs or BHA) exfoliators. The whole process was interesting! The first time I used it, the dead skin cells came out in tiny balls.” read more »

  • A Girl's Gotta Spa: “Once I rinsed off my face it seriously was smooth as a baby’s behind. Wow. I applied my usual toner and a hydrating moisturizer and my skin looked and felt awesome.” read more »

  • One Girl's Passion for Makeup: “You can actually see the dead skin cells in the little grains that rub off from the gel and they are very dark and dirty looking. I like the way it exfoliates without the little beads which kind of irritate my skin so this product (Restoration Clear Gel) will be on my Holy Grail list.” read more »

  • Beda's Beauty Blog: “The first thing I noticed about the product (Restoration Clear Gel) was, of course, that it comes with a pump. That's a plus for me.” read more »

  • Makeover Momma: “You know all of those fancy dermatologist and spa treatments which exfoliate the skin, wipe away dead skin cells and leave you looking refreshed and renewed? We’ve found it in a bottle!” read more »

  • Audrey Dao: “I really, really, really like this exfoliating gel. In fact, I want to say one of my favorite exfoliants. There are no microbeads or little grains to irritate and scratch your skin or get into your eyes (painful and a pain to get out!).” read more »  Check out her Before and After pictures here.

  • Melinda Mae: “Marie Louise Cosmetics are made in Japan and use gentle ingredients to moisturize and cleanse your face.  The products that I especially love are the Moistraiser α-VC and the Restoration Clear Gel.” read more »

  • MyBeautyBunny: “When Marie Louise Cosmetics sent me their Restoration Clear Gel (Exfoliating Gel) to test, I thought it would probably give me similar results as the products I’ve already tried. But this product went way beyond my expectations, in fact, this one will go down as THE BEST exfoliant I have ever tried.” read more »

  • ShopEatSleep Blogger: “I’m always kind of weary of trying new beauty products because I have oily and sensitive skin, which makes it hard to find skin care that works well for me. So when Marie Louise…” read more »

Directions After cleansing, pat your face dry before you apply restoration clear gel. Dispense 3-6 pumps and apply on different areas of the face. Use middle and ring fingers to smooth gel over entire face using small circular motions with minimal pressure. Continue to massage lightly until small, dry grains cease to appear. Rinse well with warm water and gently pat dry with soft towel. *Avoid use around eye area, and be sure to not press too hard while massaging.