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Marie Louise Skin Care
     Marie Louise Cosmetics, with results proven by clinical trials, is based on the science of deep-sea minerals, double-emulsion and nanotechnology to help skin achieve the balance it needs to appear healthy and glowing.
     What this means is that every Marie Louise skin care product delivers essential ingredients, greater speed and effectiveness, guaranteeing maximum results. Every product in the line offers anti-aging, skin brightening and hydration, and when appropriate, helps prevent breakouts.
Basic Care

Marie Louise defines beautiful complexion as skin that is resilient to environmental irritants and so healthy, that it glows from the inside. Basic Care at home begins with washing away daily impurities with double cleansing; then refreshing skin with a luxurious toner that nourishes and penetrates to awaken skin's natural vitality; and lastly sealing in the moisture and hydration your skin needs.

Cleansing Clear Gel Washing Foam Moistraiser α-VC Crème α-VC

Cleansing Clear Gel

Leaves no dirt or impurities behind, even around the eyes and mouth area. Wipe off with cotton or rinse away with water, a versatile dual cleansing method.

Washing Foam

Hydrating facial wash with a light and creamy foam later to cleanse thoroughly.

Moistraiser α-VC

Transform yourself translucent, hydrated skin. Luxurious skincare in a serum-style toner.

Crème α-VC

A treat for your skin to promote translucent and luminous complexion - a blend of nourishing ingredients in a jar.

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Special Care

In combination with Basic Care, Special Care is intended as concentrated skincare for problem areas; enhance your skin with regular exfoliation and target area treatments.

Vital Nanoemulsion α-VC Restoration Clear Gel

Vital Nanoemulsion α-VC

Created with the latest nanotechnology and emulsification methods, refined beauty serum penetrates to nourish from deep in the skin.

Restoration Clear Gel

Gently exfoliate excess dead skin so that your skin can restore its natural beauty.

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