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Find out why all these bloggers are loving our Cleansing Clear Gel
 Audrey Dao The Product Pasha Beda's Beauty BlogSkimBaco LiftStyle
  • MyBeautyBunny: “I recently tried Cleansing Clear Gel, a cruelty-free, oil-based cleanser by Marie Louise Cosmetics. This product is so different from other cleansers I’ve used because you actually apply it to dry skin!” read more »

  • Audrey Dao: “I love Marie Louise Clear Cleansing Gel! It does everything you want a cleanser to do. It removes makeup (even mascara!). It cleanses. It doesn’t leave back a residue. It leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. It doesn’t dry out your skin.” read more »

  • Product Pasha: "I must confess that until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Marie Louise Cosmetics. So when the opportunity to test drive their Cleansing Clear Gel ($57) came up, I was a bit skeptical." read more »

  • Beda's Beauty Blog: "I hope you find this review helpful. I really tried not to sound like an uber excited teenager. Not too many skin care products impress me to be honest." read more »

  • Skimbaco Lifestyle: "If you're like me, the last thing you want to do after a long day is spend more than twenty minutes in the bathroom removing make-up before you hit the hay. Lucky for you and me, Marie Louise cosmetics makes a cleansing gel that not only removes make-up the first time, but also leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated." read more »

Cleansing Clear Gel (Makeup Remover/ Facial Cleanser) - 100g
$57.00 (plus tax)
WASH. Leaves no dirt or impurities behind, even around the eyes and mouth area. Wipe off with cotton or rinse away with water, a versatile dual cleansing method.
Cleansing Clear Gel

In addition to its cleansing power capable of removing even the most stubborn makeup, Cleansing Clear Gel gently whisks away makeup while taking care of your skin with its special hydrating formula. This softly textured gel easily removes grime as it gently glides over pores to lift away makeup and oxidized oils. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe off after use for a fresher, cleaner feel.


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